What Is Longtail SEO?

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A ‘How to SEO’ session must look at the longtail. To learn SEO, there is another thing to keep in mind when talking about keywords that people are searching for. Let’s say person 1 types in Sony camera into the search engine. Person 2 types in Sony camera handycam xpf250 hybrid. What do we know about the difference between these two people? Person 1 is getting a variety of Sony cameras because they’re probably doing research. Person 2 is a buyer.

Think of someone heading down a sales funnel, towards the sale. Each step they go down they are getting more qualified as they go through. When you go for longer tail keywords, you’re further down the funnel because you’re getting someone more qualified because they know what they are looking for now. I’m no longer a browser, I’m now a buyer.

It would be great to rank for Sony camera because you would get lots of traffic. Sony camera would get a lot more than some of these longer tail keywords. You need a balance. Going for the longer tail keywords can be more profitable on a per user basis. The benefit is for Sony camera we’re going to get a lot more traffic, and with the longer tail we are going to get less traffic but chances are they convert higher because they are buyers. For Sony camera we get 550,000, but for other ones like Sony Erikson k8001 camera, using free Google keyword tool, we get 590 searches. In this example we’ve got 590 versus 550,000. We’re talking a big difference in the number of searches. But the person searching the longer tail keyword is going to be a lot more qualified and it will be easier to rank for that. It’s going to be extremely competitive to rank for Sony camera especially when you think of some of the different websites you are going to try to rank against.

I think there is a good chance the Sony website will be ranking for Sony camera. Why? There are lots of people out there all over the internet linking to the Sony website with the word Sony.

This leads me to another point. When you are starting up a domain name, it’s a good idea to have your primary keyword in the domain name. For example, let’s take a soccer drill website. I probably went for soccer drill is because I think soccer drills, plural, is probably taken. The reason you have the keyword in there, is when people link to our soccer drill website, they link in a variety of different ways. People may link with just the keyword in the anchor text and they’ll link to other people who’ll link to our website with the URL.

When they’re linking to our website with the url. What are they doing? The keyword is there. It’s like they’re voting for our website and they’re also saying what our website is about by the keyword. There is speculation that, by having the keyword in the domain name, you will rank better than someone who doesn’t. It may or may not have a small increase but I think the reason the domain name with the keyword ranks better is not because the keyword is in there, but rather people are linking to the domain name and it has the keyword in it.

It is better to have the keyword in the domain name. Consider the Sony camera example. We can have many websites such as forums and camera forums, they might say I bought the Sony handycam and the Sony website is sony.com. They’re shooting a whole lot of links all over the internet and because that is a big brand name there are going to be hundreds of websites all linking back to the Sony website, all saying Sony. So there’s a pretty good chance it is going to rank for Sony camera. I’m sure people will be linking to Sony camera. So the Sony website is probably going to rank number one.

That’s why we&’re going to have a better chance if we go for the longer tail keywords. If you remember back to the way Google works, Google will rank your website based on a few things. First, what the web page says, so you want to do all the on page optimisation and second what other people say about your website. We might be able to rank for Sony camera handycam xpf250 hybrid because there may not be too many people linking to the Sony website with that keyword. But I think we could try and rank for that because we could build a page that optimized specifically for that keyword and then also via a link to that to say exactly what we want it to say. Keep a look out for more How To SEO articles or SEO guides in this series.

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