Steps Toward A Successful Backlink Strategy

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When it comes to creating a backlink strategy, there is a popular myth out there – a pervasive urban legend. That legend is that “it’s all numbers game”. Many “SEO experts” have become rich from selling virtually worthless backlinks.

The theory goes like this: Google likes links. Google was built on the premise that a website with more links to it must be an important site, it must be an authority otherwise all those other websites would not be linking to it. So getting more and more links is good, right?

Yes and no. Yes, Google likes links. The more indeed the merrier. But Google is a little bit more clever than this. If that were true anyone could quickly set up ten thousand pages with links back to his own website and get listed in the number one spot for whatever he wants.

Why is this? The reason is that as far as Google is concerned links are not all equal. Websites are not all equal, so why should links be equal? So Google ranks the links. Some will count more than others.

But what is a quality backlink then? Why would one link be given a higher value than another link? The answer is simple: relevance. It’s not really such a difficult concept to explain. Let’s say you have a website about building model aeroplanes and down the road is another guys with the same type of website. Now you get the local butcher to link to your website from his, while the other guy manages to get a link from a well-known, highly regarded website about hobbies. Who do you think Google should list at the top?

Should you become clever now and get the local vet, as well as ten small shops to link to you and you also buy 5 000 links on the Internet, Google should surely wake up and rank you first, shouldn’t they?

What do you expect will happen? The answer is simple: nothing. Google will still rank the other guy on top, because the one link to his website is a) from an authoritative website that may have thousands of other websites linking to them and b) the content of his website is related to the content on that other website.

To get quality backlinks to your site is not easy. That is why so many people still fall for the “10 000 quality links” trick. You might have to write to 50 website owners and ask them to look at your website content to get one good backlink in the end. Should it be from a authoritative website that one link might make a big difference though.

And if the articles are really good, they will be picked up by other websites and you could end up with a lot of quality links back to your site. This process is known as article marketing.  This makes for a much better backlink strategy than simply buying thousands of useless links.

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