The Basics Of Social Media Marketing

Simply put, social media facilitates the movement of content, therefore a social media marketing strategy is essentially one of creating content to attraction attention and encourage the audience to share it with their social network. Word of mouth becomes word of mouse. Of course, it goes deeper than that.

Social media sites cleverly utilise known human behaviours including sociological and psychological concepts in the functionality they offer their users, which in turn are of use to businesses. Some of the fundamentals to understand before engaging in a social media strategy are: trust; listening; influence; adding value; rewarding.

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Participating In The Social Media Party

Millions of people around the world are using social media to connect with their friends, consume news, share content and research subjects. Clustering around a handful of popular social media sites, everyday, thousands of online communities are being formed irrespective of geography.

Amongst all of this, businesses are trying to understand how to penetrate the ‘noise’ and leverage the incredible, unprecedented accessibility to their existing customers and prospective new ones that is now possible.

To help clients understand this opportunity, we encourage them to consider the following factors, that when utilised, can deliver a successful use of social media as part of an internet marketing strategy:


The technology inherent in social media allows you to tap into the conversations that are relevant to your business. It is quite likely your business is being talked about. This feedback loop is highly valuable to businesses when it is understood how to use it.


Making your business ‘social’ means knowing where and how to make its presence felt. Having a successful social media engagement strategy to your internet marketing plan can deliver significant commercial and organisational benefits.


Once a social media presence is established and the engagement strategy is agreed, enabling your community to contribute to your marketing via the ‘word of mouse’ power of social media has significant commercial benefits.



Your business’ social media strategy is based on understanding the fundamental benefits of




Social Media : Strategy, Planning, Implementation

Direct Digital Response social media services will provide you with a holistic approach to raising awareness and building a community around your business. It will answer some of these important promotional challenges:

1. What is the big creative idea?

2. Which social media channels do we use?

3. How do we build a community on Facebook, Twitter etc?

4. What content do we need to produce?

5. Who are our target audiences for the campaign?

6. How do we execute the strategy?

Your Social Media Plan

The first thing we do is create the social media plan for your business. At an initial meeting we discuss the key platforms, the different strategies that can be used for your type of business and examples of work done for previous clients.

We conduct a workshop to establish:

1.Understanding Your Business
1.Industry, niche etc
2.Current digital marketing activity
3.Analysis of existing metrics and analytics data

2. Your desired outcomes from the social media activity

3. Timeline

This information is documented into a proposed social media plan.