A Social Media Network Creates A Connection For You To Contacts

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One very quickly growing segment in the on-line community is social media network. This concept actually only began to grow around 2006. Since that time there have been some very large venues grow that include Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Social media networks can be used for both business and pleasure.

Most of the social media websites require that you complete some sort of sign up process to become a part of the site. Most of the sites do not charge to join. They will want to know your age or year of birth to see if you need parental permission to join. You may be able to use an alias or be required to use your real name, according to the site’s policies

Once you have signed up, you will be able to send friend requests on the site. If a person accepts your friend request, you will be able to read his or her posts and they can read yours.

You need to be aware that when you make a comment on a friend’s post, that comment is visible on all to all of his friends. In addition, it is visible to all the friends of friends that make a comment on the same posts. You may make a comment that you thought would only be read by your one friend, but it can be seen by thousands of people.

Because of this type connection, social media is a very powerful tool. You can post a message that may be seen by thousands of people. Be careful what you post, as you never know who will see something you say. It may be a potential employer or a current supervisor. If you continually make derogatory remarks, you may find that your friends have quietly blocked you from reading or commenting on their posts.

Many network marketers are finding the social media is useful in their business. They develop a following and grow trusting relationships. If done properly, marketers are able to build up trust and develop friendships that may help them to build their business. If the social media net work is not used correctly, then many of the other users will simply see the marketer as another source of spam and will block him and his comments from their page.

If you violate the rules of the site, you may be removed from the entire site.

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